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1098T Tax Form Now Available On-Line

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1098T Tax Form Now Available On-Line

The 2017 1098T tax form is now available http://my.kbocc.edu/ICS/Student/ You may also print any prior tax year form. Furthermore, you may grant others, such as parents, guardians, or whomever you choose, the ability to retrieve the form through delegate access.

KBOCC does not mail the 1098T form to students unless the student chooses to have one mailed.

Please note that this form serves to alert students that they may be eligible for federal income tax education credits. It should not be considered as tax opinion or advice. While it is a good starting point, the 1098T, as designed and regulated by the IRS, does not contain all of the information needed to claim a tax credit. There is no IRS requirement that you must claim the tuition and fees deduction or an education credit. Claiming education tax benefits is a voluntary decision for those who may qualify.