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KBOCC Campus Health and Safety: Current Level 1 - Bezhik

Liberal Studies – Health Sciences Emphasis


By taking courses listed in this specific option, students’ complete courses that will help develop 100 and 200 level courses knowledge and skills that will help them to advance and/or transfer into a particular field within Health Science such as nursing, pre-med, pre-veterinary medicine, pre-pharmacy, pre-dentistry or any other healthcare profession or field. Students are advised to work closely with their KBOCC advisor and consult the Health Science Student Handbook to select the specific courses that will help meet their specific career or transfer goals. Students who complete this option will graduate with an Associate Degree in Liberal Studies, Health Science.


1. Demonstrate competency in critical thinking in healthcare settings.
2. Incorporate sensitivity to diverse cultures, including Anishinaabe culture, into practice in healthcare settings.
3. Communicate effectively with clients, family, and community members.
4. Employ applicable health and safety protocols in healthcare settings.
5. Demonstrate competence in calculations and measures.
6. Apply sound healthcare principles in the workplace.


Paula Roth
Health Sciences Department Chair

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Wabanung Campus – Rm 304


General Education Requirements
College Success Elective (Choose LS103 or LS133) – 2 credits
EN102 College Composition I – 3 credits
EN106 Sharing Information and Stories Orally – 3 credits
EN202 College Composition II – 3 credits
MA103 Quantitative Reasoning – 4 credits
Humanities Elective (Choose any humanities-designated course; must be from a different subject area
than the Anishinaabe Awareness elective) – 4 credits
BI101 General Biology – 4 credits
SO101 Introduction to Sociology – 4 credits

Anishinaabe Awareness
Anishinaabe Awareness Elective (Choose AS102 or OS110) – 4 credits

Concentration Requirements
HL101 Introduction to Health Professions (*) – 3 credits
BI223 Anatomy and Physiology I – 4 credits
B1224 Anatomy and Physiology II – 4 credits
BI245 Microbiology – 4 credits
CH111 Chemistry for Health Sciences – 4 credits
HL201 Human Nutrition – 3 credits
HL100 Medical Terminology – 1 credit
HL102 Legal & Ethical Issues in Health Professions – 4 credits
PY101 Psychology – 4 credits
HL297 Capstone Seminar – 3 credits

Elective Courses
MA201 Probability and Statistics – 4 credits
HL105 Certified Nursing (*) Assistant – 6 credits
HL106 Certified Nursing Assistant Clinical (*) – 3 credits

Total Credits Required – 65-74