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Migiziinsag (Little Eagles) Preschool Program

Catch Your Dream Through a Superior Education

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Mission Statement 

We strive to nurture each child’s individuality, innate curiosities and instill a desire for life-long learning.

What is the Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP)?

The GSRP provides a quality educational program for a diverse population of children with widely varying levels of development and ability by following the High Scope curriculum. In the High Scope curriculum, where adults and children are partners in learning. Through active participatory learning, young children find out how the world works through their own direct experience with people, objects, materials, events, and ideas. More information about the High Scope curriculum can be found at www.highscope.org.

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Enrollment Application for 2019-2020

KBOCC’s Little Eagle’s Great Start Readiness Program

offers a great opportunity for 4-year-olds.