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Federal Pell Grant (PELL)

PELL is designed to help needy undergraduate students who have not yet received a bachelor’s degree pay for their educational costs. For many students, it provides a foundation of financial aid to which other forms of federal and non-federal aid may be added. PELL is a grant entitlement program and does not require repayment as long as the student completes his or her courses in the period in which it was awarded. Eligibility for PELL is determined by the U. S. Department of Education. Funding for the academic year is based on the student’s educational cost (COA), expected family contribution (EFC) and enrollment status. Students must apply for a Federal Pell Grant each academic year.

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)

FSEOG is awarded to undergraduate students who meet Pell eligibility requirements and have exceptional financial need. Priority for FSEOG awards is given to eligible students who have the lowest expected family contributions as determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

The U. S. Department of Education determines the amount of FSEOG funds the college receives, and the Financial Aid Office, in turn, is responsible for allocating awards to KBOCC students.

Federal Work-Study

Federal Work Study (FWS) provides part-time employment to students attending institutions of higher education who need the earnings to help meet their costs of postsecondary education. The U.S. Department of Education awards FWS funds to the college to be allocated among eligible KBOCC recipients.

Student Employment Application  Job positions available here

KBOCC Scholarship

KBOCC Scholarships provide tuition funding for students who are ineligible for other programs. Eligible students must be enrolled KBIC members attending KBOCC and must maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA. Student award amounts are determined by the College. Students must re-apply each semester.

Elder Scholarships

Students age 62 or older who are not eligible for other sources of financial aid can be eligible for a tuition scholarship through KBOCC for one course per semester.  To be eligible for this scholarship, students should submit an Elder Financial Aid Application and provide proof of age.

Bureau of Indian Affairs Grant Program (BIA)

Native American students who are enrolled members may receive aid from the Bureau of Indian Affairs. To be considered for this grant students must contact their Tribal Education Office for a BIA Scholarship Application and to learn about other specific eligibility requirements.

American Indian College Fund

TCU Scholarship Program

KBOCC students who maintain 2.0 GPAs may be eligible for Fall and Spring semester scholarships. Recipients and award amounts will be chosen based on financial need and individual scholarship requirements. Deadlines will be posted each semester.

Full Circle Scholarship Program

Native students and descendants can be considered for special scholarships as determined by the American Indian College Fund. Each scholarship has different requirements based on GPA, essay, and need. All students are encouraged to apply for the upcoming year; the annual deadline for applying is May 31st.

Veterans Assistance

Veterans Affairs educational benefits are available to students who are eligible veterans or military family members.

Sovereign Fund

As determined by the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community (KBIC) Education Director, eligible KBIC members are considered for funding to help with the cost of books and supplies. Amounts vary based on course enrollment status as determined by KBIC.

Fred Dakota Scholarship

The Fred Dakota Scholarship was created in honor of an asset to the Baraga County community, who has served on the Tribal Council, as Tribal Chairman, and on the Board of Regents for Keweenaw Bay Ojibwa Community College. This competition-based scholarship will be awarded to one outstanding KBIC member with proven leadership skills and abilities.

James “Jay” Loonsfoot Scholarship

The James “Jay” Loonsfoot Scholarship was created in memory of a former instructor at Keweenaw Bay Ojibwa Community College. This competition-based scholarship will be awarded to one outstanding KBIC member dedicated to keeping Anishinaabe history, culture, and traditions alive for generations to come.

Rick Geroux Memorial Scholarship

The Rick Geroux Memorial Scholarship was created in memory of a former instructor and Fitness Coordinator at Keweenaw Bay Ojibwa Community College. This competition-based scholarship will be awarded to one outstanding KBIC member and L’Anse or Baraga High School graduate who is determined to become a business leader in the community or has a strong interest in physical fitness.

Spirit of Sovereignty Scholarship

Established by the Native American Indian Gaming Association (NIGA) as an avenue to give back to tribal communities.

Timothy W. Shanahan Memorial Scholarship

The Timothy W. Shanahan Memorial Scholarship was created in memory of a dear friend who dedicated sixteen years of service as Chairman of the Board of Regents for Keweenaw Bay Ojibwa Community College. One student will be awarded this competition-based scholarship in recognition of the creative, outstanding, and positive impact on the community and commitment to excellence.

Additional Scholarships

The Financial Aid Office distributes any other scholarships designated specifically for KBOCC students as they are made available. To learn about these opportunities, check the KBOCC scholarship bulletin board or visit the Financial Aid Office.

Hemlock Scholarship for Environmental Science Majors

outdoorstack Scholarship – For KBOCC Students interested in the outdoors