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Three Sisters Cafe’

Due to COVID-19, the Three Sisters Café is currently closed to the public

Open to the Local Community

The name Three Sisters Café reminds us of the interconnections of sustainability & good health. The three inseparable sisters – corn, beans, & squash – grow and thrive together in a sophisticated, sustainable system of agriculture.
As the corn grows, the beans use the corn stalk to grow tall, and the squash becomes protection as their leaves acts as a natural weed deterrent. Three Sisters Café extends this tradition of mutuality and interconnection to the community. 

The KBOCC’s Three Sisters Café is located at the Wabanung Campus in L’Anse and is open to the local community.

Three Sisters Café Daily Lunch Special

12 p.m. – 1 p.m. Monday – Friday
 Daily Special $6.00 or a salad $4.00

Fresh Coffee, Cappuccino, and Hot Chocolate $1.00

** No beverages are provided with lunch, although we do have a soda vending machine $0.50/can & a water fountain **

KBOCC does sell reusable 1L water bottles


Three Sisters Café Daily Pizza Specials

 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. Monday – Friday

extra-large, single-topping take-out pizzas for $16.00

Toppings: Sausage, Peperoni, Olives, Mushrooms, & Jalapeño peppers

$1 per additional topping

** please place all orders prior to arrival to ensure your meal is ready for you **

** Three Sisters Café is located downstairs on the Wabanung Campus in L’Anse, there will be signs to help guide you **

Three Sisters Café Catering

Three Sisters Café provides full-service catering to the public, with menus customized to the clients’ budget and event. Catering for special events can range from a la carte services with sandwiches, fruit, cheese and coffee to a full buffet meal with desserts and an array of beverages.

There is no limit to the exceptional foodservice that Three Sisters Café can prepare and provide, from a delicious traditional Native American feast to exquisite banquets for the mainstream palate. Décor-specific provisions for table settings and arrangements to your theme will guarantee a memorable meal.

Three Sisters Café’s Mary Lou will design a menu that fits your needs and budget, served in your space or ours. 
If an organization uses Three Sisters Café to cater a meeting or event on campus, the cost of an on-campus room is waived. Special rates will apply when scheduling CEU or development workshops staffed by KBOCC & catered by Three Sister’s Café.

Contact Mary Lou to arrange catering for your event at threesisterscafe@kbocc.edu 

To arrange an educational or development program with a catered lunch please contact: 

The Dean of Instruction B. L. Virtanen at dean@kbocc.edu  
KBOCC’s President Lori Sherman at president@kbocc.edu

If you would like to order to go or would like to know what’s on the menu today feel free to contact us

Email: Three Sisters Cafe

Phone: (906)-524-8503