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Tribal Management

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Tribal Management Certficate

Students completing this certificate program will be ready for entry management positions with
Anishinaabe (Indian) tribes and other tribal organizations or to transfer to a 2 or 4 year degree
granting institution to continue their education. Students will also be well-positioned to continue their
studies toward the KBOCC Anishinaabe Studies Associate Degree, since the certificate retains the
core components of the Associate Degree. Depending on placement (for the math requirement), fulltime students could feasibly complete the certificate program in one year.

Program Learning Outcomes:

Apply the basic functions of management appropriately.
 Employ communication methods effectively to proficiently connect with varying audiences.
 Synthesize the competencies needed to be an effective tribal leader.
Implement initiatives to decolonize tribal organizations.
Explain the implications of self-determination. 
Describe the functions of tribal governments.

Tribal Management Certificate Requirements

Anishinaabe Requirement Credits

AS102 Anishinaabe Values and Philosophy ( 4 Credits )

AS105 Decolonizing Tribal Organizations ( 2 Credits )

AS232 Tribal Government ( 4 Credits )

OS110 Ojibwa Language & Culture ( 4 Credits )

Business Requirements Credits

BS110 Introduction to Business ( 3 Credits )

BS201 Accounting I or BS204 Microcomputer Accounting ( 4 Credits )

BS208 Management and Supervision ( 3 Credits )

BS210 Marketing ( 3 Credits )

BS212 Entrepreneurship ( 3 Credits )

Elective Requirement Credits

choose from AS101, AS135, AS200, AS201, BS209, ES219, IS10 ( 3 Credits )

Math Requirement Credits

MA102 Quantitative Literacy (or higher) ( 4 Credits )

Total Credits Required 30

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For more information, contact:
Denise Cadeau, Anishinaabe Studies Department Chair
(906) 524-8309
Wabanung Campus – Room 309