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Early Childhood Education


Students completing this program will earn the Associate of Science degree and will be prepared to work at Head Start or other preschool settings as a teacher, paraprofessional, or childcare provider. Students intending to continue for a bachelor’s degree should carefully check with their advisor regarding the requirements of their planned transfer college.


1. Provide developmentally appropriate learning environments.
2. Demonstrate culturally sensitive relationship-building techniques for engaging diverse families in their children’s learning.
3. Use child assessment information to design programs/practices for young children.
4. Use developmentally appropriate approaches for teaching and learning.
5. Apply competencies of an early child professional.
6. Engage in informed advocacy for children and the profession.


Ashley Hebert
Early Childhood Department Chair

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Wabanung Campus – Rm 305


General Education Requirements
College Success Elective (Choose LS103 or LS133) – 2 credits
EN102 College Composition I – 3 credits
EN202 College Composition II – 3 credits
Lab Science Elective – 4 credits
Math Elective (Choose from MA103 or higher) – 4 credits
Humanities Elective (Choose any humanities-designated course; must be taken from a different subject area than the Anishinaabe Awareness elective) – 4 credits
Social Science Elective (Choose any non-PY social science-designated course) – 4 credits

Anishinaabe Awareness
Anishinaabe Awareness Elective (Choose AS102 or OS110) – 4 credits

Early Childhood Education Requirements
CE101 Introduction to Early Childhood Education – 3 credits
PY101 Psychology – 4 credits
PY210 Child Psychology – 4 credits
CE110 Developmentally Appropriate Programming and Practice – 3 credits
CE115 Child Guidance – 3 credits
CE218 Creative Teaching Methods – 3 credits
CE220 Observation and Assessment in Early Childhood Education – 3 credits
CE223 Children’s Literature – 3 credits
CE237 Children with Special Needs – 3 credits
CE275 ECE Practicum – 2 credits
CE297 Early Childhood Capstone – 3 credits
Early Childhood Electives (Choose from HL201, CE111, CE207, CE290, CE299 with approval of project plan, OS225 or
SO201) – 3 credits

Total Credits Required – 65 credits