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Student Success Center

Student Success Center

Through a challenging, intellectually rigorous, and relevant curriculum supported by a culturally sensitive environment that is safe and conducive to learning, our professional, dedicated, open-minded, and enthusiastic staff and faculty work collaboratively to empower students, promoting mino-bimaadiziwin—(a good way of life), supported by Niizhwaaswi Mishomis Gikenoo’amaagewinan—(the Seven Grandfather Teachings) in order to accomplish this mission:

1. Gwayakwaadiziwin– Honesty
2. Zaagi’idiwin– Love
3. Manaajiwin – Respect
4. Zoongide’ewin – Bravery
5. Nibwaakaawin – Wisdom
6. Dabasenimowin – Humility
7. Debwewin – Truth

The Student Success Center is located in the Wabanung Library, and has abundant resources for students. Its mission is to provide KBOCC students an inclusive, family-like environment that fosters respect and provides assistance to learners of all abilities and backgrounds.

The Student Success Center links student to free resources that aid both personal and academic success, in addition to the Library’s collection of books and materials catalogued according to the College’s departments. The Student Success Center houses 3 networked computers where students can access the Library’s card catalog found on the library webpage. The Library allows you to access the Michigan electronic Library with over 53 databases. The Student Success Center is a place to receive free professional help on applications, resumes, and a host of other professional needs, including academic success, coaching and tutoring services on a drop-in or scheduled basis.

Services Offered

Tutoring – Academic Success Coaching

Tutoring is available to assist students needing specific academic supports.

Academic Success Coaching is an exploration and discovery process that enables students to see themselves from a fresh perspective. Just like a coach in any sport, the academic coach’s goal is to help students perform to the best of their abilities; developing the knowledge and skills necessary for college success.

For free drop-in or scheduled appointments please visit KBOCC Student Services or contact tutoring@kbocc.edu, Room 103E, or Library Staff for help in the following areas:


Writing well is a key to academic success. We are here to facilitate student achievement by focusing on strengthening the skills needed to develop effective writers. Guidance includes instructional strategies at all levels of the writing process and for any writing assignment or project, including PowerPoint presentations.

*Students are encouraged to begin working with us during the early stages of assignments.


Mathematics tutoring is available for all levels of math. Our goal is to help improve your understanding of concepts and processes for solving math problems. Tutoring includes working with students on concepts, homework, and test prep. Study groups are an option for classmates to review difficult concepts

Test Prep

We provide the following support to help students prepare for tests: Study skills, coaching, concept review, and remediation.

Group study sessions are available for groups up to four; however, reservations are recommended.

Test Proctoring

The Student Success Center supports faculty in proctoring make-up exams or exams for students who require accommodations.

Faculty must provide instructions and personally deliver and pick up exam materials.
Students must contact Student Services to schedule an exam in advance.

Career Readiness Career Resources and Support Services are available through both the Student Service’s Career Center and in the KBOCC Library and Student Success Center by appointment with a librarian.