770 N. Main St. L'Anse MI, 49946
KBOCC Campus Health and Safety Level: Current Level Two

Student Services

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Wabanung Campus, Rm 111
770 N Main Street
L’Anse, MI 49946
(906) 524-8111

The following is a list of services that are provided by the KBOCC

Academic Development & Transitions

Academic Support & Enrichment Programs

Student Advocacy

Transfer Assistance


Career Services

Career Search


Job Search Assistance

Resume Development

Educational & Support Services

Advisors for faculty/staff with concerns about students

Community Liaison

Educational & Extracurricular Programs

Family Resource Information

Work Study

Health & Campus Safety

Administration of student code of conduct

Assistance/Advocacy for victims of violence

Managing campus-wide emergencies

Wellness Services

Student Life

Orientation Programs

Campus-sponsored recreational activities

Resources for Persons with Disabilities & Medical Needs

Student Government

Student Organizations