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Anishinaabe Art


The associate degree in Anishinaabe Art offers students a comprehensive introduction to the rich and diverse artistic traditions of Indigenous peoples. Through a combination of studio-based practice and theoretical study, students will explore the significance of Anishinaabe art within broader Indigenous cultural frameworks, fostering creative awareness, critical thinking and promote cultural preservation. Students will be prepared for further academic study and careers in fields related to Anishinaabe art while demonstrating a commitment to lifelong learning and cultural stewardship.


1. Explain the historical, cultural, and social significance of Anishinaabe art within diverse Indigenous communities.
2. Apply various traditional and contemporary Anishinaabe artistic techniques, including but not limited to pottery, beadwork, basketry, and textiles.
3. Analyze Anishinaabe art forms, recognizing their aesthetic qualities, symbolism, and their relevance to cultural identity and expression.
4. Evaluate the ethical considerations through the creation, interpretation, and preservation of Anishinaabe art, including issues of cultural appropriation and intellectual property rights.
5. Effectively communicate ideas, concepts, and interpretations related to Anishinaabe art through written, oral, and visual mediums.
6. Conceptualize visual sovereignty through the creation of a portfolio.


Denise Cadeau
Anishinaabe Studies Department Chair

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Wabanung Campus – Rm 309


General Education Requirements
College Success Elective (Choose LS103 or LS133) – 2 credits
EN102 College Composition I – 3 credits
Lab Science Elective – 4 credits
Mathematics or Science Elective* (Choose MA103 or higher, or a science course designated as a second science elective for general education – Course must be taken from a different subject area than the Lab Science elective) – 4 credits
AR204 Anishinaabe Art Forms – 4 credits
Social Science Electives (Courses must be taken from a minimum of two subject areas) – 8 credits

Anishinaabe Awareness
Anishinaabe Awareness Elective (Choose AS102 or OS110) – 4 credits

Program Requirements
AR110 Introduction to Anishinaabe Art – 4 credits
AR105 Ojibwa Beadwork – 3 credits
AR106 Ojibwa Basket-making or AR115 Ojibwa Pottery – 3 credits
AR107 Ojibwa Garments – 3 credits
Anishinaabe Art Elective (Choose from Anishinaabe AR-designated courses, AS210, EN220 or EN250) – 3 credits
Art Electives (Choose from AR-designated courses) – 6 credits
AR205 Anishinaabe Art History – 4 credits
AR210 Arts Entrepreneurship – 3 credits
LS297 Capstone Seminar – 1 credits

Total Credits Required – 64 credits

* Students intending to transfer should consider fulfilling the Michigan Transfer Agreement’s (MTA) requirement of two sciences and math. See Michigan Transfer Agreement under General Education.