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Anishinaabe Studies

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This curriculum is an interdisciplinary program committed to promoting knowledge and understanding of Anishinaabe (Native American) tradition, language, history, art, literature, values and the unique governmental status of the Anishinaabeg. The program is designed to prepare students for service to Native communities or to transfer to a four- year institution to further their studies.

 Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of the Anishinaabe Studies Degree Program students will be able to:

Explain Anishinaabe perspectives

Explain changes in Anishinaabe cultures over time

Demonstrate civic responsibility within the tribal community

Compare and contrast Ojibwa and other Anishinaabe cultures

Apply Anishinaabe perspectives to community development

Program Requirements

General Education Requirements

EN102 College Composition I ( 3 Credits )

EN202 College Composition II ( 3 Credits )

Lab Science Elective ( 4 Credits )

Mathematics or Science Elective*
(Choose MA103, MA 105 or higher, or a science course designated as a second science elective for general education – Course must be taken from a different subject area than the Lab Science) ( 4 Credits )

Humanities Elective (Choose from AR204, AS210, EN220, EN250, or EN255) ( 4 Credits )

AS101 Introduction to Anishinaabe Studies ( 4 Credits )

Social Science Elective (Choose any non-AS social science-designated course) ( 4 Credits )

LS103 College Success ( 2 Credits )

Subtotal 28

Anishinaabe Awareness Requirement

OS110 Ojiwa Language and Culture I (4 Credits )

Subtotal 4

Anisinaabe Studies Requirements

AS102 Anishinaabe Values and Philosophy ( 4 Credits )

OS205 Ojibwa Language and Culture II ( 4 Credits )

AS232 Tribal Government ( 4 Credits )

OS135 Keweenaw Bay Indian Community History or
AS200 History of Michigan Tribes ( 2 Credits )

AS201 History of North American Anishinaabe ( 4 Credits )

Anishinaabe Social Science Elective (Choose AS215 or AS225) ( 4 Credits )

Anishinaabe Studies Electives
(Choose any Anishinaabe Awareness-designated courses) ( 6 Credits )

AS297 Capstone Seminar ( 3 Credits )

Subtotal 31

Total Credits Required 63

* Students seeking to satisfy Michigan Transfer Agreement requirements must complete a mathematics elective and a second natural science course.