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Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is a multi-year organizational plan that defines long-term goals and objectives and drives action to achieve a desired future state – the vision or dream. It serves as a roadmap for the institution’s growth, development, and long-term success while prioritizing student learning and success, and community impact.

 A systematic and integrated strategic planning process serves many important purposes:

  • Creates an institution-wide sense of clarity and transparency,
  • Keeps everyone aligned with the College vision, mission, and goals,
  • Identifies and guides the best strategies to accomplish goals,
  • Tracks progress on activities and their outcomes/impact,
  • Includes collaboration and cross-functional engagement, and
  • Focuses resources on key priorities.


Typical components of the strategic planning process include data gathering and pre-planning; community engagement and visioning; environmental scan; goal and objective setting; strategy and initiative development; resource allocation; monitoring and evaluation; and communication and reporting.


KBOCC is embarking on the process of developing our next strategic plan. For this new strategic plan, we want community and stakeholder voices to be a significant part of its development.


Take our stakeholder survey and tell us what you think!

If you’re a current or former KBOCC student, employee, community member, Elder, knowledge keeper, key stakeholder, or community partner, we want to hear from you about KBOCC’s vision and plan for the future. We recognize the need to engage with our tribal and surrounding communities and partners to deepen post-secondary offerings, provide lifelong learning opportunities, and meet the needs of our communities. Your responses will help us develop a plan that is bold, aspirational, and builds on the many successes and the good work already ongoing at KBOCC.

To complete the survey, please click the button below:
Stakeholder Survey

In addition to the survey, KBOCC will be holding listening sessions throughout the year. Each listening session will be facilitated. Please check back for dates and locations.

The new strategic plan, along with findings from this community engagement project, will be released early next year.


Learn more about KBOCC’s 2020-2025 Strategic Plan