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Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is a multi-year organizational plan that defines long-term goals and objectives and drives action in order to achieve a desired future state – the vision or dream. It serves as a roadmap for the institution’s growth, development, and long-term success while prioritizing student learning and success, and community impact.

 A systematic and integrated strategic planning process serves many important purposes:

  • Creates an institution-wide sense of clarity and transparency,
  • Keeps everyone aligned with the College vision, mission, and goals,
  • Identifies and guides the best strategies to accomplish goals,
  • Tracks progress on activities and their outcomes/impact,
  • Includes collaboration and cross-functional engagement, and
  • Focuses resources on key priorities.


Typical components of the strategic planning process include data gathering and pre-planning; community engagement and visioning; environmental scan; goal and objective setting; strategy and initiative development; resource allocation; monitoring and evaluation; and communication and reporting.


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