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Office Services

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Office Services Certificate

Students completing this certificate program will obtain a focused educational experience for office support personnel. Career opportunities include clerical workers, transcriptionists and secretaries.

Program Learning Outcomes

Use proper procedures to create documents, suitable for professional purposes and personal use.

Employ communication methods effectively to proficiently connect with varying audiences.

Demonstrate administrative skills to enhance the effective operation of the workplace.

Exhibit professional and ethical conduct in personal and professional relationships according to office protocol.

Office Services Certificate Requirements

General Education Requirements

EN102 College Composition I ( 3 Credits )

LS103 College Success ( 2 Credits )

Anishinaabe Awareness

OS110 Ojibwa Language and Culture I 4 Credits )

Business Requirements Credits

BS110 Introduction to Business ( 3 Credits )

BS145 Business Communication ( 3 Credits )

BS149 Business Administrative Procedures ( 4 Credits )

IS107 Digital Publishing ( 3 Credits )

IS110 Principles of Information Systems 4 Credits )

IS203 Advanced Word( 2 Credits )

IS204 Advanced Spreadsheets ( 2 Credits )

Total Credits Required 30

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For more information, contact:
Megan Haataja, Business Department Chair
(906) 524-8311
Wabanung Campus – Room 311