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MI Corrections Officer Grant

The Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) requires that corrections officers earn 15 college credits within 24 months of employment.  The Michigan Corrections Officer Grant Program established a fund to be administered by the Michigan Community College Association (MCCA) to support tuition and fees for corrections officers enrolled at a Michigan community college.  


Corrections officers who meet the following criteria are eligible to submit an application:  

  1. employed by the Michigan Department of Corrections
  2. have not earned 15 college credits and are eligible for the grant program with the approval of the Michigan Department of Corrections.  
  3. Enroll at a community college in Michigan.  Out-of-state community colleges, public universities, and independent colleges are not eligible institutions for this program.


The application requests the following information.  Please have this information ready before you begin the application.

  1. basic contact information including name, address, phone number, and email address.
  2. employee ID, and social security number.  
  3. employment and eligibility verification form signed by the facility human resources office -OR- the email address of the facility human resources office.
  4. the community college you plan to attend and in what semester you plan to enroll.

Once you register for classes, you will be required to submit additional information such as your billing statement from the college and your unofficial transcript once you complete the semester.