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Environmental Studies and Sustainability Certificate

Environmental Studies and Sustainability Certificate

This interdisciplinary certificate program provides a foundation in environmental science concepts as well as economic, political, legal, cultural, and ethical factors associated with emerging environmental issues. Coursework emphasizes themes of sustainability – meeting current societal demands without sacrificing the ability of future generations to meet theirs. Depending on placement (for composition requirement), full-time students could complete the certificate program in one year.

Program Learning Outcomes:

  • Explain the importance of the natural world in Anishinaabe culture.
  • Explain scientific principles pertinent to environmental science.
  • Explain social science concepts pertinent to environmental science.
  • Apply the scientific method to answer research questions.
  • Accurately interpret scientific data.

Environmental Studies and Sustainability Program Requirements

General Education Requirement

EN102 College Composition I (3 Credits)

ES110 Introduction to Environmental Science (4 Credits)

ES216 Sustainability (4 Credits)

Ecology Elective (Choose BI200 or BI206) (4 Credits)

Economics Elective (Choose EC201 or EC202) (4 Credits)

Environmental Humanities Elective (Choose ES218 or ES219) (4 Credits)

Environmental Social Science Electives (Choose from ES125, ES158, and ES217) (8 Credits)

Total Credits Required 31

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For more information, contact:

Dr. Andrew Kozich, Environmental Science Department Chair
(906) 524-8303
Wabanung Campus – Room 303