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Business Administration


Students completing this program will earn the Associate of Science degree. Graduates will be ready for entry level positions in accounting, management, or information technology or to transfer to a baccalaureate granting institution to continue their education.


1. Apply the basic functions of management appropriately.
2. Generate business strategies based on appropriate business principles.
3. Employ communication methods effectively to proficiently connect with varying audiences.
4. Formulate decisions utilizing knowledge of business law concepts.
5. Implement basic accounting principles.
6. Utilize effective marketing techniques and principles.


Gary Kruzich
Business Department Chair


(906) 524-8306
Wabanung Campus – Rm 306


General Education Requirements
College Success Elective (Choose LS103 or LS133) – 2 credits
EN102 College Composition I – 3 credits
EN202 College Composition II – 3 credits
Lab Science Elective – 4 credits*
Math Elective (Choose from MA103, MA105, MA130 or MA201) – 4 credits
Humanities Elective (Choose any humanities-designated course) – 4 credits
Social Science Elective (Choose any non-EC social science-designated course) – 4 credits

Anishinaabe Awareness
Anishinaabe Awareness Elective (Choose AS102 or OS110) – 4 credits

Business Requirements
BS110 Introduction to Business – 3 credits
BS145 Business Communication – 3 credits
BS201 Accounting I – 4 credits
BS208 Management and Supervision – 3 credits
BS210 Marketing – 3 credits
BS211 Business Law & Ethics – 3 credits
BS297 Capstone Seminar – 2 credits
EC201 Microeconomics – 4 credits
IS110 Principles of Information Systems – 4 credits
Business Concentration Electives (Choose any BS, EC, IS (107 or higher) courses or FN202) – 6 credits

Total Credits Required – 63 credits

* Students seeking to satisfy Michigan Transfer Agreement requirements must complete a mathematics elective and a second natural science course.