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Early Childhood Education


Students completing this program will earn the Associate of Science degree and will be prepared to work at Head Start or other preschool settings as a teacher, paraprofessional, or childcare provider. Students intending to continue for a bachelor’s degree should carefully check with their advisor regarding the requirements of their planned transfer college.


1. Provide developmentally appropriate learning environments.
2. Demonstrate culturally sensitive relationship-building techniques for engaging diverse families in their children’s learning.
3. Use child assessment information to design programs/practices for young children.
4. Apply competencies of an early child professional.
5. Engage in informed advocacy for children and the profession.


Ashley Hebert
Early Childhood Department Chair

(906) 524-8305
Wabanung Campus – Rm 305


General Education Requirements
College Success Elective (Choose LS103 or LS133) – 2 credits
EN102 College Composition I – 3 credits
EN202 College Composition II – 3 credits
Lab Science Elective – 4 credits
Math Elective (Choose from MA103 or higher) – 4 credits
Humanities Elective (Choose any humanities-designated course; must be taken from a different subject area than the Anishinaabe Awareness elective) – 4 credits
Social Science Elective (Choose any non-PY social science-designated course) – 4 credits

Anishinaabe Awareness
Anishinaabe Awareness Elective (Choose AS102 or OS110) – 4 credits

Early Childhood Education Requirements
CE107 Competencies and Best Practices in Early Childhood Programs I* – 4 credits
CE108 Competencies and Best Practices in Early Childhood Programs II – 4 credits
CE115 Child Guidance – 3 credits
CE210 Creating a Trauma-Informed Classroom – 3 credits
CE218 Creative Teaching Methods – 3 credits
CE220 Observation and Assessment in Early Childhood Education – 3 credits
CE223 Children’s Literature – 3 credits
CE237 Children with Special Needs – 3 credits
CE297 Early Childhood Capstone – 3 credits
Early Childhood Electives (Choose from HL201, CE111, CE207, CE290, CE299, OS225 or SO201) – 3 credits
PY210 Child Psychology – 4 credits

Total Credits Required – 63-64 credits